When we calculate the price via phone we take the average room sizes into account. The Company has the right to change the price for the service if the customer make changes in the initial agreement or in an even of inspection of the property where the cleaning service takes place.
Guaranteed Services
The end of tenancy cleaning is a guaranteed service which means that if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the cleaning procedure delivered, a team of cleaning technicians will be sent to your property within 48 hours in order to re – clean the areas you consider to be problematic. You don’t have to pay any extra money for that.
The customer takes the responsibility to make an immediate payment in cash once the cleaning procedure is finished. If a payment by credit card or a bank transfer is agreed by the customer and the provider of the cleaning services, it should be completed no later than a day before the cleaning visit. If the Company doesn’t receive any card details or a bank transfer notification, the cleaning appointment will be cancelled.
The Client has the right to cancel a cleaning procedure by giving the company a notice at least one day before the scheduled procedure. No charges or fees apply.
The cleaning service will not be delivered if we consider the condition of the property to be dangerous to the cleaning operatives.
The Company has the right to reschedule or cancel a cleaning visit in case of unexpected circumstances, an accident or in all cases when the cleaning team is somehow hindered to get to your property on time.
Once the cleaning procedure is finished, you won’t be able to get a refund. However, a written notice can be handles within 24 hours of the cleaning service being completed. Your feedback is important to us so we will do our best to resolve the problem and deal with any complaints as soon as possible.
Please, keep in mind that you are responsible for providing access to your property in order to be re – cleaned and any disputed items or areas be inspected before arranging a third party to perform any cleaning procedures.
Although our cleaning experts do their best to take utmost care of your possessions, sometimes accidents happen. We do recommend placing the valuable items away. In case of a damage replacing the original item with identical one is attempted but not always possible.
The Company is not responsible for any damages if the customer place furnitures over a carpet that had undergone a hot water extraction but is still damp. No claims will be taken into consideration if the cause for carpet shrinkage is the poor fitting.

If your cleaning professionals cause damage to the property, the customer will be compensated but the Company doesn’t take any responsibility for spots/ stains/ spillages that were on the surface before the start of the cleaning procedure and it is impossible to be removed even by applying the most powerful cleaning detergents we operate with.
We will do our best to clean your appliances in accordance with all standards but if you haven’t taken a proper care of them, unfortunately we might not be able to remove all the dirt especially if they haven’t been cleaned since you bought them.
We need your cooperation in order to deliver efficient freezer cleaning. Freezers must be defrosted prior to the cleaning visit.
Waste collection is not included in the Basic and Professional Gardening package.
As we have mentioned above, the end of tenancy cleaning is a guaranteed service provided that the property is absolutely empty. There shouldn’t be any appliances and furnitures as well as present tenants during the cleaning visit.
The Client is responsible for providing electricity and running water at the property where the cleaning procedure takes place otherwise a £60 non-refundable fee applies.
The Client must provide access to the premises at the scheduled time. In case the cleaning technicians are provided with keys they must be able to open all locks without any efforts. Failure to provide access results in a £60 non-refundable fee.
Regular domestic cleaning service
The Client can pay cash to the cleaner after every cleaning visit.
If the Client inquire a meeting with the cleaner, an additional fee of £10 should be paid to the cleaner in order to cover the travel and time expenses.
The Client is responsible for providing all the cleaning supplies and equipment.
Every cleaning visit should take place at the same time and day of the week.
Changes in the schedule of the regular cleaning services is not possible. We are unable to send a cleaner at a time different than the scheduled.
The customer can cancel the cleaning appointment 24 hours in advance in order to avoid any additional charges. Failing to let us know may result in a fee equivalent to the amount of money you usually pay per visit.
We maintain a 2 hours minimum for the weekly service and 3 hours for the fortnightly cleaning procedures.
It’s Customer’s responsibility to provide access to the premises at the time when the cleaning visit is scheduled.
It is a common practise our regular customer to provide their cleaners with a spare key.

Minimum charges apply for some services. Please check them below:
The minimum charge for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is 48 GBP
You can book a One Off Cleaning for a minimum of 3 hours or 36 GBP
The Gardening service can be booked at a minimum charge is 50 GBP per session
All the discounts and promotions are valid for making an order above the minimum charge. The promotions are not valid for hourly based services.
The Company is not responsible for any cancellations brought about by unpredictable situations or considered to be a setback for the team assigned to do the cleaning procedures.
Once the cleaning procedure is finished no claims, refunds or compensation should be expected.
The Company has the rights to cancel a cleaning appointment in case a payment by credit card or bank transfer is not received in advance.

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