Mattress Cleaning

As we spend one third of ourmattress-cleaning1 lives in bed, it’s important to maintain and keep it in a clean and bacteria free condition. To avoid getting diseases, irritations and problems, caused by microbes from dirty mattress, use our professional mattress cleaning services.

They will make your bed disinfected and clean like new and you can sleep in a healthy and safe mattress. Our staff can clean your mattress from all potentially dangerous to your health bacteria, irritants and make it smell nice.

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Minimum call out charge £55
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Minimum call out charge £55

Our mattress cleaning services include:

  • Pre-treatment of all stains and dirty areas in your mattresses
  • Removing stains, spills, dust, grime from all kinds of mattresses
  • Eliminating bacteria, mites, mould, fungus and dander from your mattresses
  • Deodorising the cleaned areas for odour removing and killing all bacteria and microbes
  • Removing all pests from mattresses: spider mites and dust mites,as well as bed bugs
  • Mattress steam cleaning for full disinfection
  • Cleaning all sizes and types of mattresses
  • Killing and eliminating all fleas and ticks from beddings and mattresses

Our mattress cleaning staff will ensure successful removing of all stains on your mattresses, pre-treating them with special stain removing agents. They are non-toxic provide efficient eliminating of all dirty marks and cleansing of heavily soiled areas.

The steam cleaning Carpet Cleaning Pricemattress-cleaning apply to disinfect your mattress will extract all the dust, grime, different mites from your mattress with minimal quantity of detergent. This method uses very purified water to cleanse your mattress and make it safe for your health.

You can be sure we will also protect your mattress’ colours from fading. Our steam cleaning is a safe and successful method for full disinfection, without the use of harsh chemicals and no risks of mattress damage. Call us now and book our services.

After extracting all the dirt, dust and stains from your mattress, our staff will apply a mattress deodorizer to kill all fleas, ticks, microbes, spider and dust mites and bed bugs. They will be removed from your mattress and won’t bother your sleep, creating different health problems.

In the final process of the mattress cleaning, our cleaning team will spray your beds for killing all microbes and bacteria, as well as protect your mattress from further contamination.

Order our mattress cleaning services, provided on very competitive price any time you need professional results and successful mattress cleaning. We can guarantee you healthy and fully disinfected mattress, which will provide you a nice sleep.

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